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Lakhvinder ‘Ricky’ Reel, whose bereaved family were spied on by the secret police

Though it confirmed what we long suspected and had some evidence of, last week’s admission that the Special Demonstration Squad spied on at least 18 family justice campaigns over a period of decades is still profoundly shocking. For families to know they were the specific targets has been deeply upsetting; they were told to trust police who said they were there to help but actually undermined them.

Being merely informed is not enough. Whistleblower Peter Francis has called for all families affected to be given full access to the complete files so that they may judge for themselves why the data was amassed. The revelations reinforce the need for such families to be fully included in the forthcoming public inquiry from its earliest stages.

Sukhdev Reel, whose son Ricky died in 1997 in what police say was an accident but the family have consistently believed was a racist murder, has launched a petition calling on Home Secretary Theresa May to:

1. Seek a public apology from the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to all the families affected by police spying and take action against police officers for any wrong doing

2. Assure us that the family justice campaigns would be consulted when drawing the terms of reference for the Public Inquiry into undercover policing

3. Assure us that affected families will be provided with legal aid so that they can be properly legally represented at the Public Inquiry

4. Assure us that the practice of police “spying” of family justice campaigns has stopped.


Please help to amplify the Reel family’s call for justice by signing the petition and sharing it.

2 comments on “Family Justice Campaigns Petition”

  1. Carole Coogan says:

    Mrs Reel you are a mother in a million and Ricky would be so proud of you. Your boy looks like one of life saints, he reminds me of my son Joseph. Joseph goes out of his way to avoid confrontation and thank god he is safe but I’m not stupid enough to know there are evil people out there. Ricky sounds like he was a good kid who studied hard and went out of his way to be a good son. There is no one out there who can take Rickys goodness and kindness away from you as a family. I will pray you get the justice Ricky so badly deserves.
    Carole Coogan

    1. Sukhdev Reel says:

      Thank you for your lovely message. It brought tears to my eyes but also gave me courage. God bless your son and keep him safe

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